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Why Invisalign Cost Much Less Than You Think

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invisalign-cost-great-smile.jpgBeautiful, sparkling – white teeth seem to be the focal point these days. Products for whitening are seen in advertisements and on grocery and drugstore shelves – and the do-it-yourself methods are too numerous to mention. Straight, white teeth are all the rage.

If you have crooked teeth, the focus on great looking teeth has probably made you even more self-conscious about them.


What You Can Do About It

Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for straightening teeth – and crooked teeth are difficult to whiten. There is something you can do though, to get straight teeth like the ones you see on others without going through the complicated process of metal braces. Metal braces can be unsightly, uncomfortable, cumbersome and they usually limit your diet.

After eliminating metal braces from your plans –  think about Invisalign® trays. You may not have heard about this very popular alternative to traditional metal braces.



Invisalign® plastic aligners are easy to use, can barely be seen, comfortable and you can continue with your regular diet. They have changed everything you may have once thought about braces. They require no uncomfortable wires or metal. No bands or sharp areas – and best of all, you are not limited to what you can eat or drink.

Invisalign® aligners are made from medically approved plastic. They are specifically made for you. Using 3-D technology, a mold is made of your mouth and teeth – from which your Invisalign® braces are produced. These trays will be placed over your teeth. They fit tightly and will gradually move your teeth into alignment, leading to straight teeth.

invisalign-cost-trays.jpgAs your teeth move, new trays will be made. You will always have trays that fit tightly so that they will be able to continue to move your teeth. Your dentist will want to see you about every two weeks to give you the new trays and make sure they are a perfect fit.

The process usually takes approximately 18-24 months, depending on your teeth and how quickly they respond to the aligners.


Daily Use

A typical day for a Invisalign® user is easy. Certain drinks are okay when you are wearing your braces, but the only time you should take off your Invisalign® braces is when you eat. The goal is to leave them in for 22 out of 24 hours per day. They are easy to keep clean and almost invisible. You will continue with your normal oral care routine. 


Health Benefits

Dental work – even straightening your teeth can be beneficial to your overall health. When your teeth are crooked, it can be difficult to chew your food well enough to avoid digestive issues. Having crooked teeth makes it hard to get your teeth as clean as they should be. Flossing and brushing can be a chore when teeth are crowded or angled. When you have gone through the Invisalign® process, your teeth will be straight and you won’t have to worry about any of these issues.


Invisalign® cost

Don't let your worry about Invisalign® cost keep you from getting more information from your dentist. The Invisalign® cost is not usually covered by insurance, but many dental offices offer payment plans that can help you get the treatment you need to have beautiful straight teeth.


Even though you may not think you can afford braces – in all likelihood you can. Talk to your Invisalign® provider see if you are a good candidate for this easy and comfortable way to enjoy the straight teeth that you have always wanted. Don't let the Invisalign® cost be an obstacle.


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