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How To Take Care Of Your Brand New Dentures

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Happy smiling elder senior man dentures dental.jpegDentures are a popular teeth replacement solution, and you are taking control of your oral wellness by having them fitted. About 90% of people with missing teeth have dentures, so you are joining the ranks of others taking the same initiative. Once you walk out of your dentist's office with your new complete or partial dentures, it's now important to keep them looking like new. Follow these tips to best take care of your dentures. 

    • Rinse your dentures after meals. 
      While you eat, small food particles can get caught in the grooves of your dentures. Be sure to remove them after every meal and rinse them out in the sink. This way, you are keeping them fresh throughout the day and protecting your natural teeth in the process.

    • Avoid abrasive cleaning agents. 
      Abrasive and whitening toothpastes are usually too harsh to use on your dentures. Ask your dentist about purchasing special cleaner and try to use that exclusively. Just be sure to avoid any cleaners that contain bleach, since these can wear down your dentures.

    • Soak your dentures overnight. 
      Once your dentist recommends a cleaning solution, be sure to remove your dentures every night and soak them. In the morning, remove them from the solution and rinse them thoroughly. Many of these cleaners can be harmful if swallowed, so never skip that rinse.

    • Pay attention to your denture's fit. 
      If you start to notice that your dentures are fitting loosely or simply aren't sitting how they used to, they may have warped in some way. Take them in to your dentist to have them refitted.

    • Be gentle with your dentures. 
      When taking them in and out, and especially when transporting them, handle your dentures with care. They can be delicate, so too much force can cause damage.

    • Schedule regular dental checkups. 
      regular denture check ups at dental office.jpgWhile you should be in the habit of visiting your dentist for regular cleanings anyway, these appointments are extra important now that you have your complete or partial dentures. By having these checkups, you can address any small issues before they become big.


Dentures allow you to enjoy your beautiful, complete smile again. While this feeling is certainly priceless, replacing your damaged dentures can be pricey. By taking care of them and speaking with your dentist for regular dental care, you can enjoy your dentures for years to come.



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