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Caring For the Dynamic Duo of Gums and Teeth

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Proper dental care is an extremely important element of oral health. Many dental patients pay the closest attention to their teeth but neglect their gums. Part of it is that gum health isn't something that seems as urgent as healthy teeth, but we can assure you that gums and teeth are the dynamic duo of oral health and should be taken care as a team.

32% of people are generally concerned about how their teeth appear. While tooth appearance is an aesthetic concern for most, not being concerned for the gums can lead to tooth problems down the road. We're certain you'd like to avoid teeth replacement, so heed these tips.

Don't brush so hard
A lot of people think that brushing harder will remove more stains from their teeth. This goes to the extent that people brush their teeth so hard they find their teeth becoming sensitive because of enamel loss. Your toothbrush should be held and used like a pencil or a paintbrush, not a hammer. Brushing too hard also harms the gums, which are resilient, but still more delicate than the teeth. Gums will begin to recede and become sensitive if you're brushing overly hard. Soft bristle brushes and soft-medium strength brushing (depending on the sensitivity of your teeth) is recommended for both brushing your teeth and stimulating your gums without causing accidental damage.

Yes, you have to floss
It's probably the most common lie told in general dentistry. Dentists know if you floss or if you don't, so lying isn't going to convince them. Not flossing at least once a day allows plaque, tartar, and food build-up to happen in places on your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. When that build up is allowed to continue, it increases the risk of cavities, gum disease, and infection. Flossing strengthens your gums and gets rid of unreachable buildup. A good rule is to floss and rinse after you brush your teeth before bed.

Go to the dentist!
The most obviously neglected part of dental care is people plainly not going to their local dentist. The amount of excuses that have been filed as reasons for not going to the dentist for spans of several years at a time is nearly humorous. Patients think, "Ignorance is bliss!" Yet, it's a serious issue because proper dental care and oral health isn't something that most people can identify. The worst possible way to discover a problem is by being ignorant of it until it's at its worst. The realization that most oral issues are avoidable by regular visits to the dentist is alarming. Don't skip out on the dentist and save yourself from avoidable problems!

Your dental care is in your hands, so be vigilant and be present at your dentist's office. They'll be able to give advice regarding preventative oral health and fast treatment if problems have arisen. Either way, keep your smile happy and don't forget to floss!

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