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3 Signs Its Time For An Anti Aging Cosmetic Dentist

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Portrait of smiling senior woman.jpegIn traditional dentistry, the medical procedures are designed to maintain and improve good oral hygiene. The practitioner also aims to diagnose oral disease and provide appropriate treatment. On the other hand, an anti aging cosmetic dentist is concerned with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the facial features by correcting the appearance of the teeth. This dental field has advanced in the recent past and research has identified correlation between dental structure and facial features.

The Connection between Aging and Dental Structure

Beautiful woman framing her face with fingers.jpegIn general, when an individual ages, the facial skin loses its plumpness and elasticity. This aging process results in the skin around the cheeks becoming thinner, and the lips lose their natural thickness. The affected skin will have to rely on the support of the teeth to retain the ideal shape. If the teeth are not in good condition, the appearance of the face will deteriorate quickly. For instance, holes will develop in the cheeks, the skin will sag and the lips will become thinner and curl inwards. Wrinkles will appear and the aging process will accelerate.

Anti-aging cosmetic dentistry is designed to ensure that the structure of the teeth is ideal. Even if the skin loses elasticity, the dental features will provide sufficient support to prevent accelerated development of wrinkles, sagging, cheek hollows and thinned lips. The pertinent procedures will be used to improve the general appearance of the teeth for a beautiful smile. The common techniques used to ensure improvements include use of dental bonding, veneers and dental implants as well as treating underlying problems through procedures like root canal therapy.


When to Consult an Anti Aging Cosmetic Dentist

If you are planning on improving your face through anti-aging procedures, you should consider cosmetic dentistry instead of alternatives such as dermal fillers. While these are effective, they do not deal with the underlying problem. Therefore, the results are short-lived because there is no internal support. Here are some signs that you should consult an anti-aging dental expert.


Malocclusion is the incorrect relation of the teeth in the upper and lower dental arches. The misalignment might not be a major problem for young individuals because their skin is plump. However, when the face ages and thins, the lips and the facial skin will conform to the shape of the teeth. Therefore, you should consider cosmetic dental improvements if you have malocclusion issues such as overbite, under bite and teeth crowding. Correction will give your dental structure and subsequently, your face a regular appearance.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common problem. In general, occasional grinding and clenching of the teeth does not have negative long-term effects on the dental structure. However, if you have been grinding your teeth on a regular basis, you should have noticed the negative effects. These include loss of teeth structure, tooth looseness and shortening of the teeth. When these issues occur, your dental structure will not be able to support your facial skin sufficiently. The cosmetic dentist will repair the damaged teeth and treat the bruxism.

General Appearance Issues

If you have general appearance problems, you should consider anti-aging dental procedures. While you might not be able to identify the exact issue, you will notice lopsidedness or unnatural mouth area appearance. These issues can be resolved through teeth correction. In addition, you should consider a consultation if you have yellowed or stained teeth.


Dentistry has come a long with modern cosmetic advances. There is more to dental care than can benefit you as you age! An aging face structure and dental issues can be prevented for a youthful appearance. Consult your local cosmetic dentist for complete assessment of your dental condition and to learn about your cosmetic dental treatment options. 


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